Soros International House (SIH)

SIH started in 1993 as EL teaching centre and soon became one of the largest and most highly rated language schools in Vilnius. From 1993 SIH is an affiliated member of the International House World Organisation (IHWO) – one of the largest and oldest networks of over 150 affiliated private language schools in 50 countries.

Anton Martin Slomšek Institute

What is the vision of Institute Anton Martin Slomšek over the next 3 to 5 years? The institution of Anton Martin Slomšek was founded in 1995 with the purpose to establish the grammar school Škofijska gimnazija Antona Slomška under its auspices.

Desmos NGO

Desmos NGO is a non governmental and non profit Organization in Katerini, Greece, with local and regional authorities. Desmos promote the European idea of friendship, tolerance and respect of human rights.

EGECED (Institute of Education and Youth Studies Association)

EGECED is a non-profit association founded by the professional from education field (teachers, trainers, academics, branch managers and supervisors, etc). EGECED has a broad reach to local schools in primary and secondary level and also cooperation with universities.

Exchange House Ireland National Travellers Service

Exchange House Ireland National Travellers Service is an organisation of Traveller and non-Traveller people working together to provide services to Traveller men and women, Traveller families, and Traveller young people and children, many of whom are in crisis.

State School Board, Stuttgart

The State School Board in Stuttgart, Germany, with Psychological Counselling Service is one of the 21 local school authorities in the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The State School Board Stuttgart is responsible for the Primary-Schools, Secondary-Schools and the Schools for Pupils with Special Needs. Approximately 2.300 teachers offer primary and secondary education at these about 140 schools. The schools are visited by round about 33.000 pupils recruiting from more than 50 different countries.