Who is addressed?

LeaCoMM addresses primarily
  • teachers,
  • teacher educators,
  • future teachers,
  • members of school management and administration
The offers of LeaCoMM might be interesting also for
  • people with other professions in the educational field,
  • persons in educational policy, in migration policy, and of course, they are available for
  • all those who want to engage themselves in the thematic field migration, minorities, school, and teacher education.
LeaCoMM is also addressed to the "makers", to the
  • providers of public (non-commercial) online offers of teacher training
  • central players in teacher education, in order to advance the integration of internet offers into teacher education.

What is focused?

Migration shapes our societies:

Globalization of the economy, poverty, war, and persecution, but also the perspective of international careers or qualifications abroad, make people leave their home country for a period of time or even forever. In each country migrants are part of the society. Schools offer migrants and their children, as well as refugees and members of national minorities, learning opportunities and the chance to participate in society in greatly varying degrees.

Diversity in school requires professionalization of the teachers

in many fields. With focus on heterogeneity due to migration and ethnic minorities.
LeaCoMM is mainly concerned with:

  • language education and use of multilingualism,
  • design of school and lessons with a critical attitude towards racial matters
  • intercultural / international perspectives on lesson contents,
  • diversity management in schools and school administration.
With view to group-related stereotypes, prejudices and racist attitudes

teacher education has the task to design opportunities for learning even in tabooed fields.

For the development of teacher training in the field migration/ethnic minorities

LeaCoMM offers up-to-date, feasible and science based instruments which can be used for the individual and common qualification of teachers, head masters/mistresses, lecturers in teacher education, and members of school authority bodies.

What is inside?

LeaCoMM provides an impartial, independent and gratuitous offer of qualification

for the teacher education in the thematic field migration and minorities.

LeaCoMM comprehends itself as an international, virtual "Learning Community"

of teachers and teacher educators for the collaborative processing of common questions in the thematic field migration and minorities.

LeaCoMM encourages explorative learning, common active participation


  • providing information and material (Library),
  • offering Tools for the implementation in practice
  • a „Learning Community“ by generating Wikis, Mindmaps, MOOCs etc.,
  • providing of e-learning Modules and (c)MOOCs,
  • offering an exchange about Good Practice in the design of school and lessons

and last but not least you can quite simply search for news in the thematic field migration, minorities and teacher training …